Why work remotely? We could talk for hours and hours about it. And that is exactly how the idea of ​​creating the largest Conference on Remote Work in Portugal began. Remote Shift is more than an event, it’s the movement “Shift to the future”.
The work culture and mindset are shifting towards greater well-being, quality of life, profitability, and productivity in companies Technology and worldwide internet access have allowed new work dynamics and remote teams that have found more flexibility and freedom in this lifestyle/workstyle.

Previous studies on Remote Work worldwide, this change leads to greater motivation, more creativity, and greater employee satisfaction. As a result, the results are greater productivity and sustainability, more delivery, more commitment and more value. Rural areas that are extensive in our Portugal can be repopulated through remote work and even increase the employability of professionals in these areas, thus avoiding single centralization in large cities, thus giving them the opportunity to breathe. More. This is what remote work brings.

And so, looking at the Portuguese business and labor landscape, we intend to create the ideal conditions and foster the necessary knowledge bases so that we can quickly and effectively start implementing Remote Work extensively. No preconceptions, no preconceived ideas, no uncertainties.


Henrique Paranhos

Addicted to creativity, digital marketing and impactful campaigns, Henrique lives for the digital reality.

Over the past 9 years, he has developed campaigns and strategies for some of the biggest brands in the market: Redbull, Burger King, Leaseplan, Carnext, Paul Hartmann, Opel, Tranquilidade and Adidas.

Proud founder of WEbrand Agency, a totally remote agency, he has developed and launched several products on the market, is a digital marketing trainer at several national schools, has a pet sitting business and is the co-founder of the #RemoteShift movement in Portugal. And promises that there’s more to come.

Joana Sá

Joana is a passionate entrepreneur for Personal Development and Wellness that daily inspires people to create their personal brands and the career of their dreams. For 6 years she worked in communication agencies to clients such as Schweppes and MEO Altice. Nowadays she mentors in Personal and Professional Development and manages XO Digital Studio, a 100% remote Communication and Design studio which she co-owns. She is also co-founder of Clube Meu Bem, the first Personal Development Club in Portugal. Now, with the mission of normalizing Remote Work in Portugal, she is a co-founder of Remote Shift.

Gonçalo Hall

Gonçalo Hall is a digital nomad and passionate about remote work, with all the possibilities that this model offers to companies and individuals. He worked at Remote-how, where he helped normalize remote work in various markets. Recently, he launched the project Remote Work Movement, a podcast and consulting service for companies that want to work remotely.

After one year in Southeast Asia in countries like Bali, Vietnam and Thailand, Gonçalo just landed in Portugal to organize Remote Shift. His goal is to help promote, implement and develop remote work among Portuguese companies and professionals.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Remote Shift has a strong Social and Environmental Responsibility in what concerns the well-being of active professionals as well as the employability and repopulation of rural areas in Portugal through the decentralization of workforces of large urban centers. Remote Work has been showing a positive impact on accessibility, not only for physically limited professionals but also in carbon emissions and environmental footprint.