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Victoria Haidamus

Digital Product Designer

Cláudio Cigarro

Designer – Namecheap

Mariana Naccaratti

Country Manager – Iati

Joana Pais Afonso

Employer Branding – Deloitte

Steven Ebbers

Co-founder – Nomad Academy

Alexandre Solleiro

Head of Product –

June Bolneo

Globalization Lead – Grow Remote

Daniela Gonçalves

Account Manager – WEbrand Agency

Angelique Slob

Founder – Hello Monday

Filipa Lacerda

Senior Frontend Engineer – GitLab

Joana Sá

Founder – XO Digital Studio

Gonçalo Hall

Founder – Remote Work Movement

Charles Kergaravat

Head of international marketing – Klaxoon

Frederico Lucas

Coordinator – Novos Povoadores

Paula Gaia

Head of Special Projects – Polar Insight

Kristiina Aljas-Saarma

Head of Sales – 1Office

Rui Carvalho

Dealer Network Development Director – FCA